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Mobile Spa Massage treatments

Relax in the ultimate comfort of your own home, hotel or office. This heavenly luxurious treatment uses pure, natural and organic oils creating a personalised body treatment to enhance your wellbeing and lift your mood.

Following a full consultation, your specialist will recommend and tailor a bespoke treatment to one of the following options: Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Indian head massage, Reflexology, Pregnancy massage and Couples massage.
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Mobile Massage | London | £65 - 1 Hr | £90 - 1.5hr

"Punctual, Brilliant, Calming. Thank you - not only for being on time and really polite but most importantly for giving me the best massage session I have ever had. You listened to my needs and delivered a really fantastic result; I slept like a baby and feel extremely calm and relaxed today - just what I/we were aiming for!" Julia, Notting hill

  • Signature PAMPR ME Massage - This is our take on the classic Swedish Massage, a full body therapy using traditional long strokes, gliding and kneading techniques. This luxurious massage at home makes either a wonderful treat for yourself or the perfect gift for a friend, to be enjoyed at a time and place of your choosing.
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  • Deep Tissue Massage - A popular choice for busy men and women who experience aches and pains. In home Deep Tissue Massage focuses on firm strokes and deeper pressure on targeted areas to release tense muscles and toxins. Book an appointment with Pampr Me UK using SetMore

  • Reflexology Massage - A technique involving working on the soles of the feet that are connected to organs of the body via thousands of nerve endings. By massaging these areas and increasing circulation one can bring a physical change in the body. Reflexology has a long history in Chinese and Egyptian medicine, where it was used to facilitate the flow of the body's life force, or Qi.

    The points on your feet, hands and head are assigned to other parts of the body, and can be stimulated to restore your balance, decrease stress, and reduce tension. Reflexology is particularly effective for those suffering from tension. The foot and heel area are extremely sensitive parts of the body, and the therapists will treat them with all the care needed to let you feel balanced, and regain a spring in your step.
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  • Indian Head Massage - This specialised therapy relieves tension, headaches and stress with targeted massage applied to the head, shoulders, scalp and face – all without messy therapy oils. It helps to stimulate the lymph glands which naturally removes toxins and supports the immune system.

    Indian Head Massage will boost circulation and restore joint mobility, leading to increased energy and productivity.
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